Eunsuri - The elemental Persian Rug
Eunsuri - The elemental Persian Rug
Eunsuri - The elemental Persian Rug
Eunsuri - The elemental Persian Rug
Eunsuri - The elemental Persian Rug

Eunsuri - The elemental Persian Rug

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105,600.00 INR
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Eunsuri in Arabic means Something elemental. This rug is nothing less than that. It forms a typical feature of your interior. This rug in rich maroon color can make your simple interior look royal. Traditions give a sense of belonging routine and anticipation. They provide a cohesiveness that can bring everyone together no matter what the circumstances. Bring this feeling home with this traditional Persian from the shelves of SaviDecor. It possesses the power to transform the looks of your house entirely.

  • Never store the used and stained rug, instead wash it first.
  • Keep your care-tags intact and refer to them before cleaning as well as follow the instructions strictly.
  • Rotate your rugs regularly so it warns or fades out evenly if it does.
  • Blot excess liquid with a tissue or cloth.
  • For oil, blot with a tissue, sprinkle some rice-flour or talcum powder and keep it for a while. Brush off the powder and the stain will be gone.
  • Use nylon screen to vacuum the rugs.
  • As soon as you can, treat the stains of beverages like wine using club soda.
  • You can use baking soda to soak up gravy, sauces, and liquid foods.
  • The rugs in your heavy traffic area might need this service annually or more frequently.
  • The rugs in bed-room and other light traffic areas should be cleaned professionally in 2-3 years regularly.
  • Do not let water stay on your rug once you have washed it.
  • Please Vacuum for a new carpet especially wool because of initial shredding

Since each rug is custom and handmade, production time for each type varies.

  • Tufted Rug: Ships in 4 week
  • Knotted Rug: Ships in 8-10 weeks
  • Designer Rugs: Ships in 12-14 weeks
  • Stock Rugs: Shipes in 1-2 days

Shipping Instructions:

  • The orders will be shipped within a day or two if it is available in stock.
  • We can ship partial orders, If you need that, please get in touch.
  • We will email you the tracking number as soon as the rug is shipped.
  • We provide 1 year of warranty for hand tufted rugs and 30 months of warranty for hand knotted rug.