Custom Design


Material Weave

Hand Tufted

These rugs are generally made by pushing wool strands in to a stretched canvas, attached to a wooden frame. These rugs take less time to be prepared and so are budget friendly. Hand-tufted rug can give your space a beautiful ambience without burning a hole in your pocket. They have almost same apperence as of hand Knotted except they have the cotton backing for support on the opposite side.

Hand Knotted

These rugs are the fine example of art. They are so durable that they can be a heirloom or an item for collection. These rugs require more skills and hard work and so takes more time to get prepared. A Weaver can at average tie 10,000. Knots per day and so these rugs are costly but their durability explains it. The quality of the rugs is decided on the knot density.