Area Rugs - Washing & Repair

To hold the radiance and magnificence, your rug needs cleaning every or alternate year, contingent on the way of your lifestyle of the household, recurrence of vacuuming, and the dyes and colors used.

We specialize in cleaning all type of rugs as well as carpets including traditional persian rugs, oriental rugs, modern rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, shag carpets, artificial silk rug etc and provide the services to residential and commercial area. We care for your rugs as much as you do.

Our group of expert rug and carpet cleaners have all been exceptionally prepared in cleaning and stain expulsion methods. With their strategies and our best in class apparatus and the correct chemicals you can make certain to leave your rugs and carpets in our grasp securely.

Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning masters will first outwardly examine your carpet, they will then recognize potential perpetual stains and give you an assessment of expected outcomes. Before we begin to clean the carpet, we liaise with the client to see whether there are any principle zones of concern i.e. severely recolored or stamped zones. We at that point test the carpets to ensure they are ready to clean. We do this via doing a shading and shrinkage test. At the point when every one of the tests demonstrate that we can continue, we begin with the cleaning procedure.

Cleaning arrangements are then infused profoundly into the carpet at high pressure and and then are instantly extracted. The technique we utilize is hot water extraction, otherwise called steam cleaning. This strategy is suggested by most of the carpet makers, but if this method is not suitable for your carpet, we use other methods like, Dry compound, Encapsulation, Bonnet, Shampooing, Dry foam carpet cleaning, Vacuum wash, etc.

Drying times do fluctuate, but most probably it takes 2-3 hours. You can however stroll on the carpet straight away once the cleaning is finished.

Rugs Cleaning

Oriental floor coverings can be made by hand or by machine. Legitimate fiber distinguishing proof is amazingly fundamental keeping in mind the end goal to clean the mat as completely as conceivable without harming the floor covering.

Our qualified experts will give them the best possible care that they merit.

Oriental carpets are for the most part made with natural strands and colors, this expects them to be treated with extraordinary care utilizing specialists cleaning agents with the right PH balances to avoid shrinking, shading, blurring, discolourations, and so on. We likewise modify cleaning temperatures and weights to meet the extraordinary prerequisites of each sort of carpet. In the wake of cleaning, all mats are dried with appropriate dehumidification and air development. Edges are then cleaned and treated with care to guarantee greatest excellence and splendor.

We utilize an entire line of cleaning operators and stain removers uncommonly defined to securely and successfully clean more fragile filaments. Because of the intricacy of the cleaning procedure of these floor coverings most carpets must be taken back to our workshop for cleaning.

Rug Repair:

Although carefully made and known for its long lasting life, made for ages of happiness, Oriental rugs in some cases require the professional consideration of a repair proficient. The careful repair specialists at Savi Decor can reestablish your rug appearance and esteem – to be enjoyed in by your generations to come.

Our accomplished rug repair specialists can safeguard your handmade rug from an assortment of conditions:

  • Edge and end unraveling
  • Worn fringes
  • Holes and torn areas
  • Moth damage
  • Pile wear
  • Selvedge wear

Our hand rug repair services include

  • Reinforcement of weak or separated areas
  • Reweaving of damaged areas
  • Hand wrapping of worn side edges
  • Overcasting of worn rug ends
  • Re-establishing fringe
  • Improving pre-existing repairs
  • Preparing your rug for wall display
  • Altering the size of your rug

Note: The procedure, by and large, takes up to 7-10 business days (after we analyze the condition of the rug) plus the additional time of transport.

Also note that the transportation charges are to be bared by the customer only. The acceptance of the rugs and carpets for service, strictly depends on the decision of Savi Decor.