All the rugs in our store are handmade and thus we can assure that because, the processes involved in this are performed manually, the two rugs, even of the same design will never be identical. That means, you can own a rug that is truly unique in itself.and no other same rug exists.

So, from the raw yarn to an absolute beauty, the carpet goes through the loads of processes, from spinning and coloring to the washing and stretching. Curious to know what timepass your rug does in our workshop before reaching at your doorstep? There you go.


Preparing the yarn.

This stage depends on the yarn you choose. Mostly we use 2 types of yarn, silk or wool. The material is washed and then dried to remove the impurities, and spun into the yarn. The material then goes through the quality check and the best material is then dyed by the dye masters with the high quality dies and sawbunched together in balls after drying. Mostly the dyeing is performed in this stage but it can also be done in other stages, as shown in the image. After this makeup process, the yarn is ready to get transformed.

Design creating and Map making.

The carpet designs are then created on the paper of the proposed size of the rug and is known as map or cartoon, which helps the weaver with the design of the carpet. This paper represents every knot and it’s color to avoid any confusion,. We do this to ensure you are served exactly what you asked for.

Making the spun ready.

Usually, We provide the rugs in two types of weaves,

1) Hand tufted. A backing material(usually of cotton) is attached to the frame as per the needs of the carpet. A gun is loaded with the yarn, making it ready to fire the yarn in the backing, and create a saga of colors telling the story of your artful taste.

2) Hand knotted. For Hand knotted rugs, the spun is made ready with the warp, the backing yarn for the knotted rugs according to the length and the width of the carpet.

Choosing the colors

All the colors are chosen carefully to represent your likings and the taste, from our wide range of the colors, either according to your customization or the design you choose.


Here comes the most important part. Our skilled weavers weave your rug to the perfection, according to the cartoon our designers prepared.

If your rug is hand tufted: A tufting gun uses pneumatic force to press a U-shaped piece of yarn through the backing and create a pile. And after that the backing is applied with the help of latex.

If your rug is hand knotted: The weavers will knot the yarn around each warp, creating a pile. A common weaver can make 10,000 knots/day and a normal rug from savidecor has 100 knots/inch.

Looks like a carpet but nothing as per your expectations.

There comes the finishing part.

Cutting the pile

The carpet once woven needs the pile trimming. The front side of the rug is cut with a large scissors to the correct pile height. Also the designs and the patterns can be carved using the same techniques by the experts.

Washing the rugs

Washing the rugs is the important part and after drying the colors of the rugs truly bloom and the rug starts looking gorgeous baby.


The rugs, especially the tufted ones, need stretching after washing as they get shrinked or twisted after washing and stretching brings it back to the specified size.

Now the rug truly looks like what it was meant to be.