Nese Taskin sahin

Born in 1974, In Turkey, Nese Taskin Shahin graduated from weaving division of textile design department (Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University) with first rank. Along with doing her internship with a carpet manufacturing company, she contributed to many exhibitions in her University years. She also achieved remarkable success in some contests, received some degrees and awards. Some of them are listed below:

  • >   2012 - The workshop and joint exhibitions organized by Penti.
  • >   2013 - Her design made it to the finals in a carpet design contest in Turkey.
  • >   2013 - She secured a third spot in 3rd Turkey Home Textile Contest (curtain design)
  • >   2013 - (3rd Turkey Home Textile Contest) Special award from Polyteks in bathroom category.
  • >   2001 - graduated with second rank in Textile Department, Marmara University.
  • >   2001 - graduate with first rank in weaving division of the same department.
  • >   2000 - special award from Tac Linens, in bedclothes category.

Right after university, she started working in a carpet manufacturing company named Erfun Tekstik. She was in the design department and responsible for initial design. This errand gave her the opportunity to learn many details in the manufacturing process starting from initial design to end-product. She joined some contests (mostly in 2012, and 2013). The prizes she won and the success encouraged her to go further.

While designing, she doesn’t think of an end-product initially. However, because of her work experience in carpet manufacturing, she sometimes find herself designing textures mostly suitable for carpets. Although she grew up in Turkey, she generally follows modern lines and colors. she loves playing geometric shapes to reach unexpected patterns and variations and simple and rudimentary structures slowly converging to a complex texture.

Rugs designed by Nese

Prevara - The Designer Indoor Area Rug

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Egitura - Beige Indoor Bedroom Area Rug

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Abies - The Designer Living Area Rug

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Hanafina - The Designer Floral Area Rug

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