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Tejas Dedhia is a talented interior designer and has worked on various projects in Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat and Mumbai. He is an expert when it comes to designing residentials, offices, hotels etc, especially where the space demands of design consortium.

The lines and forms are often connected to nature and they go with the flow which makes his design flawless. His designs are rich in forms as well as simple. As he says, “Design is everywhere. Your toothbrush is designed, your office can be designed and even the carts at the grocery store can be designed.” But for him, design is something that makes the things not only better looking but also useful. For him, the purpose of design is to ease the lives. And this shows up in his designs.

He begins each project on a clean slate, with fresh ideas and so he comes up with something unexpected everytime.  The only constants are a refreshing perspective and a wholehearted openness to experimentation. His work is contemporary, yet rooted in this country’s culture. Indian craft is often presented with a modern twist. Because of the artists like him, artwork that once lived only in gallery settings is now durable enough to survive the messiness of modern life - including kids, dogs and wine.


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