Summer moods with the rugs of summer Hues – Part 2

Summer is getting extreme here. Gone is the season when you enjoyed going out. Mostly now, you are going to spend your time in your house. So, have you experimented with any of the colors for your summer collection of the rugs? In the previous blog we discussed 7 colors that you can use as the summer hues for your carpets or rugs

The list was:

Vibrant orange
Sky Blue
Tropical Pink
Refreshing Lime
Nature-Inspired Neutrals
Cobalt blue

Not everybody’s interior would adjust to those colors. So now, we are going to have a look into  7 other colors which we left in that post.

Sunny Yellow:

The responses to yellow can vary from individual to individual. The yellow is the attention grabber. It is happy go lucky. It is aggressive. It is  cheerful. It is energetic. In short, it is confusing and this fact can be overwhelming while choosing it for your rug. But if you want something that represents the sunshine and the summer sun, go for it. (Just make sure nobody is short tempered around you). You can keep it light. Having yellow in the house is fun, but fully saturated yellow is only good for brief exposure, because its stimulating effect is so powerful that it can build up emotional energy quite quickly. You can pair it with the calming colors like gray and white.

Mild gray:

Truly neutral and the sophisticated color gray, usually represents settlement and inherits its characteristics from two extreme opposites. This color can represent the dullness, dirtiness and lack of energy if paired with the wrong colors. But if used wisely, it can represent the mystery and sophistication. Not only that the characteristics of mild gray leans towards white. So it gives you the perfect relaxing environment plus neutrality. Pair mild gray with yellow for a beautiful rug. You can definitely layer them up if you want. Do not over use gray as it may give the feeling of boredom and dizziness. This summer go for gray in your rugs if you like a neutral surrounding.

Persian Purple:


Persian purple can be serene make you calm. Purple ranges from dark to light shade and its effect on the mood is according to the lightness or darkness of its shade. Bring home a purple colored rug to give your personality a royal touch. Because purple was mostly used by the royal families before it became so popular. A classic purple rug can light up your room as well as create the elements of mystery and sophistication. Flaunt your mysterious and sophisticated personality with gray color rugs. A purple rug goes well with gray and white. As well as you can blend it with the colors that are bold in nature. Flaunt your mysterious and sophisticated personality with Persian Purple color rugs.

Nautical Navy:

It has the same effects as the sky blue, only except it is more sophisticated and represents maturity. If you have been following the trends of home decor most recently, you must have known that this color has made it place as one of the toppers. Bring home a traditional overdyed rug, a contemporary rugs or an abstract design nautical navy rug to give your house a new avatar, this summer. This cool color rug will not attract a lot of attention but will definitely be the talk of the town because of its unique feel. Use this color in the living space with light yellow or lime shades. It will make a perfect place to relax as well as bring a new light to the space, and yeah, you will love the energy it brings to your house.

Creamy white:


There is no escaping colors, just like the death. Because there is nothing which doesn’t have colors. Even pure water has a slight blue color. Among them white is the one you can’t live without. White color has an elegance, the grace and the calmness that no other color can match. White is purity, hygiene, uncompromise, hope and innocence and keeps the environment cool. It acts like a real medicine that soothes your mind and will give your life a sense of order and meaning, help in decluttering from all the negative aspects. It will offer an inner cleansing, for your thoughts and soul, being the ultimate source of pure energy. So bring home a white rug. But just be careful, it will be easily spoiled even because of the little mistakes, and that is the reason, use the creamy white instead of crisp white for your rug or pair it with some other color.

Brilliant Magenta:

And here comes the invisible one. This color is invisible in the spectrum. Let’s not go deep into this, otherwise I’ll have to contradict with my line and say that ‘Nothing is colored, it is just the brain makes it all up.’ Leave the science apart, Magenta is the color which will make a bold statement. Again, You must not overdo this color, but if used with the right combination a rug of this color can make your guests drop their jaws. A traditional Persian or Oriental rug in this color or a overdyed rug can be a gem in your rug collection, as well as an overdyed rug will go with any type of interior, be it Bohemian, Scandinavian or a traditional. This colored rug will bring the energy of red and the calmness of blue to your living area. Avoid in the bedrooms though or it won’t let you sleep.

Multicolor madness:

Why choose one when you can have them all. Make a space go dull to fresh or make a mundane activity a little more exciting with different colors. What else? The kids will love it and you can experiment as much as you want. Also, a single color will not be dominant on your mood and emotions. But trust me, you want to keep them light. Warm colors will bring the energy, but as we are discussing summer rugs you might want to keep rugs calm in summer.