Summer moods with the rugs of summer Hues – Part 1

Summer is here and so is the season of White, Teal and Turquoise. It’s time to make a statement. You might not like summer for the hot sun but I bet you like it because of the vacations and the trips to hill stations. It is obvious that the season of wool is not coming back for this year at least. So it’s time to pack up all the woolen clothes and blankets. Well, you might have already closed them in a closet, but have you thought about your woollen rugs you spread all over your home to keep it warm? Why not replace them with something lighter and more colorful, so that your house can be saved from the heat? Here are some of the colors and designs you can choose for a rug this summer, rugs are great for any season but this time you can choose fine cotton.

Choose from the below colors for your rugs:

Vibrant orange rugs:

Orange is normally tied to fun and happiness. It is the color that brings the energy to the environment. Show the attitude and you ambitious side, this summer by adding this bright color to your house in the form of a rug. Orange color helps your lungs get stronger (At least that is what I have heard.) Orange color rug is definitely going to make a statement and it is not just for the summer. You can keep it as long as you want. For more wonderful effect use it with neutral or white color interior. This color can be used with most of the interior types.

Sky Blue rugs:

Stressed or tired? Sky Blue is the color for you. Mostly this lighter shade of blue creates a calming effect slows down the respiratory system as well as lowers the blood pressure. You will get a lot of variety in the rugs of this color. Starting from the Aubusson rugs to modern and contemporary rugs. But be careful to keep it sky blue. Darker blue can have the adverse effects and make you feel low. Bring home a cold blue Aubusson rug or a cotton rug, it will perfectly blend in your white or neutral light gray interior. Be bold and try different combinations.

Tropical Pink rugs:

Pink represents compassion, love, care and nurturing.  It has the tranquilizing effect. So you can use it in your bedroom or the area which you frequently use for relaxation. Mostly, famous among children, tropical pink has a soothing effect, and just like blue you can find different types of rugs with this color. Although the traditional persian and oriental rugs use dark colors, if you are looking for something traditional, go for a light pink Kashan or Aubusson rug. Otherwise, the contemporary and modern rugs will have the lots of options.

Refreshing Lime rugs:

While green color inspires calmness, lime color inspires the refreshing energy. Use this colored area rug in your living area or the kids playing space. This color is not recommended for the bedrooms as it has a  higher amount of yellow than green, which is energizing and so is not suitable for the space which you use for relaxing. This is a bold choice. This color can go with the neutral as well as the bold colors, but it won’t go well with the traditional interior. Still, if you want to give it a try, get a traditional rug custom made and check out how it looks. After all it is all about your taste.

Nature-Inspired Neutrals rugs:

These colors are undoubtedly great when you want a neutral effect. Generally, these colors work great as a background. So instead of getting a single rug, try layering them. You can use a neutral solid color carpet for the full room or group your furniture with a large neutral rug and then add a different rug in the place you want to concentrate your space to. This way you can experiment with the colors on the top and still have the calming effect of these colors. Anyways, you can always use this kind of rugs as a stand alone rug. Kashan uses the neutral colors in some of the best ways if you love traditional.

Cobalt blue rugs:

As we already discussed, this color can induce sadness if used in a wrong way. This is definitely a cold color and so is great for summers, but to keep the energy up you will have to use other colors in combination. You can use teal, orange and yellow in your furnishings and add a cobalt blue rug (either designer or just a solid one) to group them together or use it with white, if you have any other interior than traditional. A light golden interior with the cobalt rug will definitely speak about your class if you are the owner of a traditionally designed interior.

Turquoise rugs:

And here comes the favorite one. Turquoise is the color which inherits the calmness of blue and the playfulness of yellow. Bless yourself with the turquoise rug. you can pair it with neutral or white interior. Even if you do not have a single turquoise thing in your house, a beautiful rug, big enough to cover a large area of your room will make an impact. It’s not hard to find this color rug in the market in traditional design, but if you want a beautiful custom design you can send us your ideas for the custom rug. If you do not have any design in mind, our designers can design one for you.

Don’t worry if you do not like any one of this, we will be discussing some more colors in the next article soon. Anyways the sun is not cooling any sooner, so you have lots of time to play with the colors.

Our next list of colors will be:

Sunny Yellow rugs
Soft gray rugs
Persian Purple rugs
Nautical Navy rugs
Crisp white rugs
Brilliant Magenta rugs
Multicolor madness rugs