SaviDecor launches its first rugs outlet in India.

A 7000 sq feet store, exhibiting a wide collection of furniture, modular kitchen and rugs in Rancharda Area.

Ahmedabad, 16th March.

After launching its online store and one outlet in Florida earlier in 2017, SaviDecor, a home decor brand, is launching its first store in India in the Rancharda area at Ahmedabad.

According to Global industry Analysts, Inc. the global demand for carpets and rugs is projected to reach US$40 billion by 2020 in which the largest product segment will be the handmade authentic rugs.

To serve the growing international demand of the rugs of Indian origin the brand’s new website and the online store have been online since almost 6 months with a significant collection of rugs. Their unique rugs are handmade, by the skilled weavers of India and have fresh design from well known designers.  The website features a series of various type of rug designs and allows a dynamic and mobile friendly experience with the easy interface and a vast number of available payment options. The store ships throughout the United States and India and provides easy options for returns and cancellation free of cost.

Now the brand is setting up a local store in India with its physical products on display, which are already available online. Along with the rugs, the store will also house a large collection of home decor items, furniture and modular kitchens. It will be open for public display and sales from 18th March. The long term goal  is to make SaviDecor brand available globally with a widespread presence of the brand.

“Amalgamating the presence of the online store with its physical presence is the first key step to build the brand in India and abroad.” – Says Vivek Agrawal, a key-person at SaviDecor.

In the first stage people will be able to order online from India and United States. People from India, specially from Gujarat, now have the opportunity to visit the local store and have a look at SaviDecor’s wide collection of Rugs as well as other home décor items and furniture. The store is offering modular kitchens also and thus can become a one stop shop solution for all the needs, for making your home beautiful and welcoming.

SaviDecor invites all the interior designers as well as the people from Ahmedabad to come to the store and get a glimpse of what they can offer. So, perhaps you would like a day reserved for them after.

Sawan Ruparel
Ahmedabad, India