Rugs: Origin and advantages.

The rugs are the reasons your otherwise common flooring look extraordinary. Actually The word ‘rug’ has Scandinavian origin and means a a floor covering of thick woven material or animal skin. It is a bit different from the carpet as some think that the carpet is something that covers the whole flooring however the rugs are smaller in size and does not expand to the walls and unlike the carpets, the rugs are not attached to the floors.

The rugs are believed to be originated in 2nd or 3rd millennium, BC in west Asia. The oldest rug is Pazyryk Persian Rug from the 4th century B.C. and is almost 2400 years old. This rug was discovered during an archaeological excavation in 1949 in the Pazyryk Valley in the Altai Mountains of Siberia in a tomb and is believed to be a vital piece of memorial and is of Armenian origins although Persians also claim it to be theirs. This rug still has its colors and designs intact and is a marvelous piece of beauty.

The rugs serve different purpose and have diverse designs varying from pile to flat, Woven to tufted, wool to acrylic and Scandinavian and Afghani to English. High quality rugs are made with the use of wool and silk, but since they are costly these rugs are also made from the synthetic materials, mostly nylon, polypropylene, polyester or the combination of natural and synthesized fibers.

These rugs provide number of benefits:

1)  Rugs add to the beauty of your room.

That is may be the benefit most convincing. You can always use a pinch of  style to the interiors with these rugs. They don’t have to be matching as far as they go with other decors. You can combine the beautiful contemporary rug with a traditional rich rug if you find it appealing. Not only floor, if you are creative enough, you will find the ways of using them in different ways like decorating walls, using rugs as head-sheet or making a nice comfy little bed for your pet.

2) Rugs and carpets comfort your feet.

Your feet always feel soothing to walk on a rug rather than a bare floor. Carpet is ideal for cushioning our footsteps. Rugs reduce slips and falls and minimizing the possibilities of injuries when fall occurs, so you can laugh at your falling friend instead of worrying about him. Carpets and rugs provides safety protection for the whole family, but especially for toddlers and the aged.

3) Rugs improve the air and temperature.

The rugs are believed to improve the air quality as the dust, pollen and other impurities settle down in the rugs and makes the air pure. Also they are the least VOC emitting flooring available in the market. So it also improves your breathing system giving relief to those suffering from asthma or allergies and this is proved by the studies. Also in cold atmosphere it conserves the warmth.

4) Rugs reduce the noise.

Most of us have TVs, Home theater, computer and many other things which can sometimes make the surrounding noisy. Apart from that if you have a house with more than one floor the noise on the above floor and the  constant noise of the footsteps can be annoying. The rugs and carpets on the floors can help reduce the noise giving you calm and peaceful environment.

So, to avail these benefits you might definitely want to have a carpet or a rug. You can choose from a wide range of designs, fabric and size at Savi Decor and if you have something specific in mind you can let us know and we will create a custom design just for you.