Rug caring and cleaning – The all-you-need-to-know guide

Now, that you have made an investment in a beautiful hand-knotted Persian rug, your living room has been the spot of attraction for your guests but one of them has carelessly spilled some wine over it. However badly you want to knock his face, you just can’t. We know your feeling and that is why we have prepared some tips for you so that you can keep your rug shining through the years, by just cleaning the rug properly.

Rug  cleaning is based on the material, size, weave etc. We have listed some ideas here but if you have a material that is unusual, or if you thing your rug type is not listed here or your spill is a special case, let us know. We will help you through.

Here are some ideas about how you can clean you rug.

Common Rug caring tips for all types of rug.

#Storing your rugs

Never store the used and stained rug. Eventually it will worn out or if it will be the natural fiber, even moth is possible. So if you want to store it, let it dry and then store it in weather controlled area. Never fold a carpet or the rug, doing so can result in wear and tear of the rug from the folding line, instead role the carpet or rug with the front side inside accept if your carpet or is leather, you then will have to fold it with upper part outside.

#Care-tags of your rugs

Keep your care tags on the rug intact, or just note the instructions down. Not following them might result in color fading and early fret of your indoor rug. So follow strict instructions.

#Rotate your rugs regularly

Specially when one part of your rug is exposed to sun, because the heat might cause the color to fade. Also if you have your furniture on the rug make sure you do the same.

#Shake out the dust

Large sized rugs do not qualify for this cleaning method but if you have a small sized and not so delicate rug which is otherwise difficult to clean with a vacuum you can hang it on a clothesline or a sturdy piece of furniture and beat them with perhaps a broom or something. Or you can take them outside and shake them so that the dirt comes out.


When you determine that the rug is washable, do it very delicately or there might be a chance of the threads and loops coming out or you might end up distorting the shape of your colorful rug. Also while washing put it in a zippered bag or a pillow cover.

#Dry-cleaning a carpet

Always check care-tags for small rugs, determining whether they should be dry-cleaned, spot-cleaned, or laundered. If a rug, even a cotton one that appears washable, is tagged dry-clean only, it may not be colorfast. Imported rugs tend to require dry cleaning; colors may bleed otherwise. Test before spot cleaning or your rug can get patchy.

#Drying wet rugs

Dry them on a table or a clothes-drying rack. Again there might be a chance that you might end up distorting the shape of you rug while hanging it on a cable.

#Remove oil stains

Blot excessive oil with a tissue, sprinkle some rice-floor or talcum powder and keep it for a while. Brush off the powder and the stain will be gone.

#Remove pet hair

Brush your carpet with a stiff cloth brush and use commercial enzymatic cleaner to help break down stain and odor.

# Vacuuming your rug

Use a nylon screen over the rug and weight it around the edges with books or bricks. Vacuuming over the screen will bring the dirt out while the screen still protecting the rug piles from the vacuum. Or you can tie nylon mesh over the vacuum attachment change this cloth as soon as the surface gets dirty.

#Use soda to clean your carpet

As soon as you can, treat the stains of beverages like wine using club soda. You can use baking soda to soak up gravy, sauces, and liquid foods. Your rug dealer can provide you the complete list of how to remove the different food stains. But if a large part is affected consult the professionals.

#Get your rug cleaned professionally

The rugs in your heavy traffic area might need this service annually or more frequently where else the rugs in bed-room and other light traffic areas should be cleaned professionally in 2-3 years regularly, because even if they don’t look dirty, the dirt might get soaked down deep or the fringe and the pile may not look fresh.

#Get an extra part

Some natural rugs might be created by the smaller parts sewn together. Get some of those parts if you can or buy a little rug that you can use to replace the affected parts. Remove the affected part and sew the new one instead.

#Reverse your natural fiber rugs

Some of them are reversible and doing so can assure the even wear.

#Dry your rug immediately

Do not let water stay on your rug once you have washed it. You can use a blow dryer after blotting the excessive water with a dry towel.

So, now that you know some tricks it will be easier to wash your carpets and rugs and maintain their cleanliness. Let us know which technique you use for cleaning your carpet.