Experiments with rugs

Rugs have played a large part in home decor since long. Rugs help in lots of things like keeping the house warm as well as cancelling the noise. We discussed this in our previous article Rugs: Origin and advantages. So you have gone through the tough stages of choosing a perfect rug and finally found the rug you love. But does it fit in? Most of the times the rug can serve as the starting point of all your interior design decisions. But sometimes it can happen that you just picked up a random but awesome piece to add to your Rugs collection. At those times you need to make some extra efforts to fit it in your existing furniture. But beyond all a perfect rug can define your style, bind the look of your room and make your space pleasant and comfortable.

Here we will talk about how you can beautifully decorate different parts of your house with the rugs, not just the floor.


Be bold:

Boldness makes a statement. Every person has a different personality. Like not every clothing suites everyone, same goes for rugs. Do not be afraid to experiment because in style there are no rules. Do not stop for just a single style. Mix and match the different designs like Modern rugs with traditional interior or classic designed rugs with the Scandinavian or contemporary furniture. You can play with the colors of your rugs too. Do not settle till you find a perfect match according to your taste. There are some rugs that are famous for their uniqueness like Moroccan rugs, hand knotted silk rugs, etc. Use them to bring the liveliness to your house.

Use rugs to define areas:

When you have a large room or the studio apartments, you might want to define a particular space for or as a particular activity area. Use rugs to do that. But remember if you just want to add the variety, using two different sized rugs will be best because the same sized rugs will literally divide the room or space into two. So, bring the variation. You can use the rugs to define the whole space. You can use a Round rug for a round room with the furniture on it to define the shape of the room. Same goes for any of the shapes.

Use rugs as wall-art:

Who says that rugs can be just used for the floor. You can use them as the paintings too. A good work can always be shown off and many rugs have the unique designs. which will make a beautiful wall art. Also, if appropriate colors are used, it can make your space look larger. Of course you don’t want to hang any ordinary rug on the wall. Avoid placing solid-colored textiles on the wall to prevent a mundane look. When mounting your textile to the wall, make sure you choose a piece that can serve as a multi-functional artistic centerpiece as well.

Use the rugs as upholstery or as the curtains:

You can use your rugs as the curtains, to bring the diversity. Also, if chosen right, you can use it on the table if you have some spare rugs and do not know what to do with them. Some rugs can be useful on the sofa covers. Just tuck it on the edges. This way if you do not want to use your rug on your expensive well finished floor, you can add it to your interior. Spreading it on the bed during the daytime is also a nice idea if you want to add a flair of color during the day to your bedroom and keep it simple during the night.

Create the focal point:

You can use the rug to create your focal point in home. As we spoke earlier, the rug plays a great role in binding the overall look of your interior. We would suggest that if you have a large room, use a rug under your furniture to create a focal point in one of it’s corner or the center.

If you have more ideas and experiments that you can do with the rugs, please comment down. Even better if you post the photographs of what you did with your rug.